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Our 2nd mid 2017 Australia tour

August 21st

Public community forum (Deniliquin, NSW)

August 22nd

Combined Wagga and regional schools form (Wagga, NSW)

TRAC parents community forum (Wagga, NSW)

August 23rd

TRAC (Wagga, VIC)

August 30th

St Joseph's Catholic High School (Albion Park, NSW)

Our 1st mid 2017 Australia tour

May 23rd

Health Professional Workshop (Shepparton, VIC)

Public community forum (Shepparton, VIC)

May 24th

Public community forum (Ballarat, VIC)

May 25th

Trinity Grammar School (Melbourne, VIC)

May 29th

Yanco Ag. High (Yanco, NSW)

St Francis De Sales College (Yanco, NSW)

Leeton High (Leeton, NSW)

Public community forum (Roxy Theatre, Leeton, NSW)

May 30th

Griffith High (Griffith, NSW)

Wade High (Griffith, NSW)

Marion Catholic College (Griffith, NSW)

Public community forum (Exies Club, Griffith, NSW)

May 31st

Coleambally Central School (Coleambally, NSW)

Public community forum (Venue TBA, Coleambally, NSW)

June 1st

Deniliquin High School (Deniliquin, NSW)

Public community forum (Venue TBA, Deniliquin, NSW)

June 2nd

Finley High School (Finley, NSW)

Public community forum (Finley Football Club, Finley, NSW)

June 5th

University of New South Wales Medical Students plenary (NSW)

Public community forum (Venue TBA, Wagga Wagga, NSW)

June 7th

Marist College (Sydney, NSW)

June 8th

Police and Principals' Forum (The Hills Shire, NSW)

Our mid 2016 Australia tour

May 18th

Can We Talk forum (Campbelltown)

May 19th - 20th

Mental Health in Schools conference (Luna Park, Sydney)

May 26th - 27th

Mental Health in Schools conference (Melbourne Convention Centre)

May 31st

Stop Male Suicide in NSW seminar (Redfern Town Hall, Sydney)

June 3rd

Empowering Young Minds forum (Oxford Falls, Sydney)

June 6th

St Philomena's School (Moree, NSW)

June 7th

Can We Talk forum (Tamworth, NSW)

June 9th

NEGS (Armidale, NSW)

June 14th

Hennessy Catholic College (Young, NSW)
Community forum (Young Services Club, NSW)

June 15th

Young High School (Young, NSW)

June 16th

Young High School (Young, NSW)

June 17th

Boorowa Central High School (Boorowa, NSW)

June 20th

James Fallon High School (Albury, NSW)

June 21st

Winter Solstice 2016 (Albury, NSW)

June 22nd

Rutherford High School (Rutherford, NSW)
Community forum (East Maitland Bowling Club, NSW)

June 23rd

Dungog High School (Dungog, NSW)

Maitland High School (Maitland, NSW)

June 24th

Singleton High School (Singleton, NSW)

June 27th

Newstead College (Launceston, NSW)

June 28th

Queechy High School (Norwood, TAS)

Parents of St Patrick’s College (Launceston, TAS)

June 29th

Exeter High School (Exeter, TAS)
Parents of Launceston Church Grammar (Launceston, TAS)

June 30th

Riverside High School (Launceston, TAS)

Parents of Riverside High School (Launceston, TAS)

July 1st

The Talk (Launceston, TAS)

July 3rd

No Stress Sunday (Launceston, TAS)

July 13th

Australian Mental Health Prize media event launch (Sydney, NSW)

July 19th

Santa Maria College (Northcote, VIC)

July 21st

Pyrenees Shire Council (Beaufort, VIC)

Nhill College (Nhill, VIC)

Nhill community forum (Nhill, VIC)

July 22nd

Loreto College (Ballarat, VIC)

July 23rd

Toormina High School (Coffs Harbour, NSW)

July 26th

Roseville College (Sydney, NSW)

Parents of Roseville College (Sydney, NSW)

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